How to recover email account password without recovering phone number

recover email

Yahoo Mail is a well-known and widely used email service around the world. People adored Yahoo for a variety of reasons, including its user interface, stable network, ease of use across platforms, and so on. People established a Yahoo mail account many years ago and continue to use it. If your Yahoo account is disabled for some purpose, you can reactivate it by performing a quick reactivation procedure.

If your Yahoo account is disabled for some reason, you will restore it by following a quick recovery procedure. You can also call the Email Customer Service Telephone Number for recovery.

recover email
  • Step 1:First, launch your web browser and navigate to the Yahoo login tab.
  • Step 2:Type your Yahoo account email address, also known as your username, here.
  • Step 3:Press the “Next” button.
  • Step 4:On the following screen, you must type your password. Since you have forgotten your password, you must choose the “I forgot my password” choice here.
  • Step 5:You are now asked to enter the phone number you sent to Yahoo as part of your account recovery details.
  • Step 6:You have the option of entering the phone number missing numerals or using the last two digits of your phone number as seen on the screen.
  • Step 7:If you enter the phone number right, Yahoo can send you a verification code, which you will use to restore your Yahoo password and reclaim your Yahoo mail account. If you didn’t get a verification code after entering a phone number, contact the Email Customer Service number.
  • Step 8:However, if you no longer have access to this handset, you can choose the I don’t have access option.
  • Step 9:When you click on this, you can see on the next screen that a verification code has been sent to the alternative email address you sent to Yahoo as part of your account recovery details.
  • Step 10:Go to your email address and open the email from Yahoo that contains the authentication code.
  • Step 11:Now, type this code into the textbox on the Yahoo page screen.
  • Step 12:After that, you’ll be prompted to create a new password and validate it by entering it again.

This is how to retrieve your Yahoo password if you don’t have a phone number. However, if you do not have access to your email address, you should choose “don’t have access” and proceed to the next screen, where you will be asked to choose security questions and provide the answers that you sent to Yahoo.

Anyone can conveniently access their Yahoo account after following the steps outlined above. If you continue to have problems, contact an authentic email support team. The specialists will Reset Yahoo account password and find the right solution for you. After gaining access to the Yahoo account, it is recommended that the password be changed regularly. It would keep hackers out of your email address.

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