How can you set up a second yahoo mail account?

Yahoo is more than just an email service. When you access Yahoo mail, you learn about how other features of Yahoo mail are useful on a professional front for you. These features include newsfeed, calendar, address book, notepad, and many more. By accessing Yahoo mail you can manage your Outlook account as well, but there is a specific method to do the same. One of the most amazing things about the Yahoo is Yahoo technical customer support number.

Yahoo email is free to access to anyone from anywhere across the world. It is designed keeping its professional use into the mind. This is why using it is worthwhile in companies. Yahoo mail already has a vast user base and every day thousands of new users get associated with Yahoo mail. Here some users don’t get managed to get started on Yahoo mail, because there is a well-defined procedure to set-up Yahoo mail on your PC as per the experts at Yahoo Mail Technical Support Number.


The simple procedure to set-up second Yahoo mail is given below;

  • Open your inbox.
  • Click Mail in the upper-right corner of the page
  • Enter your Yahoo email address and password if asked
  • Click Settings. It's located on the right side of the Inbox
  • Click More Settings. Click Mailboxes tab
  • Click Add
  • Add your secondary email address
  • Click Set up

If you are absolutely new to email service and have no idea how to work on Yahoo, then start with how to send mail on Yahoo mail.

It is quite easier to send an email on Yahoo mail. The only thing you have to do is to just click on Compose button that is placed on the left top of the screen. Once you click on Compose, you reach a new page, where you will be asked to enter recipient email and subject. Below you find a message body where you compose the entire mail. If you want to attach any file on the mail, then see below you find an icon of the email attachment. This is how; you can get started on Yahoo mail. Meanwhile, if you feel you want someone help, Yahoo Technical Support Number USA can be dialled.

Dial Yahoo Technical Customer Support Number to get direct help

Being a Yahoo mail professional user, you will surely not want to see any sort of interruption in the service. But it is irony that Yahoo mail service hampers occasionally. Sometimes, it slows down and at times you find yourself unable to receive and send emails on Yahoo. In this situation, either you can waste your valuable time in fixing the issue on own or you can approach the technical nerds at Yahoo Technical Customer Support Number, who claim to fix the issues with Yahoo in a single attempt.